Clean your smile with AirFlow jet polishing

Air polishing in Salisbury is fast, pain-free and effective.

Your visits to the hygienist traditionally involve a ‘scale and polish’, using tools you’re probably familiar with. But did you know that you can now have a high-tech jet polish instead? It’s the dental equivalent of pressure washing your car, but much more gentle!

AirFlow jet polishing

Safe, chemical-free and more gentle to your teeth and gums than traditional cleaning tools, our AirFlow jet polish system combines air, water and a very fine bicarbonate powder into a focused stream that blasts plaque and stains off your teeth and from under the gum line.

"My teeth felt so clean after having AirFlow! It got rid of all the nasty stains and removed loads of plaque from my gums, it made my smile feel so clean and fresh!"

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Some of the advantages of having AirFlow in Salisbury are:

  • It’s gentle – not only is AirFlow less abrasive to enamel and gums than traditional cleaning tools, but less scraping means less sensitivity as a result. Additionally, the fine powder particles used in the jet polish actually fill in microscopic gaps in your enamel, which also reduces sensitivity.
  • It’s effective – AirFlow jet polishing can remove biofilm and plaque that even a hygienist can’t see, and can reach deeper into pockets under the gum line to gently and safely clean your teeth and gums better than they’ve ever been cleaned before. AirFlow removes nearly 100% of bacteria, something no manual cleaning can hope to achieve.
  • It brightens your teeth – AirFlow jet polishing is an excellent way to brighten your smile, because it blasts away superficial stains on teeth. And if you’re thinking about getting teeth whitening in Salisbury, AirFlow is the ideal companion treatment, preparing your teeth before whitening and maintaining that new bright smile in the long term.
  • It’s pleasant – in fact, patients report it’s almost fun! Instead of having tools scraping away in your mouth, you can now have a refreshing stream of pleasant-tasting polish.
  • It’s fast – Over three times as fast as a traditional clean, this means less time spent sitting in the dental chair!

Will AirFlow polishing whiten my teeth?

Yes, if your teeth are stained. AirFlow will not affect the natural colour of your teeth the way professional whitening treatments can, but it will remove built-up stains that yellow or darken your smile. For this reason it’s a great way to kick-start a whitening treatment and also to maintain your whitening between top-ups.

Does air polishing hurt?

No, in fact most patients find that air polishing is a gentler experience than the traditional scale and polish tooth cleaning. The fine jet stream can reach in between teeth and under the gum line to provide a more effective clean without the intrusion of instruments to sensitive areas.

Will air polishing make my teeth more sensitive?

No, AirFlow polishing will not cause your teeth to be more sensitive and in fact can help reduce existing sensitivity. This is because the jet stream contains fine particles that fill in the gaps in your teeth’s dentine that are causing sensitivity.

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