We are delighted to be able to offer our patients several payment methods, including our two most popular dental plan options, which are administered by DPAS Dental Plans. All members of the practice team are happy to discuss all options to help you find the most suitable method of payment.

Our policy for failed or cancelled appointments is as follows

A significant amount of valuable clinical time is wasted when an appointment is not attended; time which could otherwise have been allocated for the treatment of other patients.

CANCELLED appointments will not usually incur any charge, even if we are informed on the same day. There are times when the unexpected occurs and when, with the best will in the world, it is not possible to keep an appointment; letting us know allows us to offer the appointment time to someone else.

FAILED appointments will occur a charge for the time wasted, which needs to be settled before further appointments can be made.

Under NHS treatment regulations, failure to attend TWO appointments for treatment will result in the option of NHS treatment being withdrawn.

If appointments are repeatedly failed or cancelled at short notice we will be happy to book further appointments, but only on a prepay basis, where the full cost of the time allocated is paid on booking. The appointment is then paid for whether or not you decide to, or are able to, attend.