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Here at Sarum Dental Practice, our Salisbury dental professionals are experts in transforming the smiles of our patients through expert cosmetic and restorative treatment including:

One such patient came to our practice in Wiltshire, lacking confidence in their smile and looking for specialist dentistry to create their dream smile. Our Principal Dentist, Neal Mehta, used a combination of cosmetic and short-term orthodontics to correctly align and restore this patient’s dentition to a naturally-glowing and healthy condition.

Patient case study


Invisalign treatment was first used to straighten the patient’s smile quickly and discreetly. Upon consultation, the patient’s oral health and dentition were assessed to make sure they were a good candidate for this orthodontic treatment. Dental impressions were made from which a complete set of clear aligners were created that would last throughout the course of treatment, comfortably and efficiently straightening the patient’s teeth without the need for wires or brackets.

Once the patient’s teeth had been aligned into the desired position, composite bonding was used to create a harmonious uniformity in their smile. Irregularly shaped, sized and chipped teeth were corrected through a tooth-coloured resin material that was skilfully applied and moulded to create a perfect match with the surrounding teeth.

The final step to this patient’s journey was to further brighten their new smile with professional-grade ZOOM! teeth whitening. In a 45 minute in-surgery procedure, the patient’s teeth where brightened by several shades using custom-made, bespoke whitening trays. After this treatment, the patient was provided with top-up at-home whitening syringes to be used alongside their bespoke trays ensuring a sustained, bright and beautiful smile!

If you’re lacking confidence in your smile and are ready to start your smile makeover journey, book your consultation today! Phone the Sarum Dental Practice on 01722 333324 or book online. Don’t forget you can also enquire about a FREE SmileMate virtual consultation by clicking here.