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As a parent, you know that the tiniest things can bring a huge amount of comfort to our children, right? Whether it’s cuddling their go-to blankie, dragging around that well-loved teddy bear, or the classic thumb in the mouth, these little comforts are lifesavers, especially during those tough teething times or when they’re just feeling a bit off.

Though it’s super common and totally natural for children to suck on their thumb, if they continue this habit as they get older, it can start to have a detrimental effect on their teeth.

The Trouble With Thumb Sucking

Continual thumb-sucking can create what dentists call ‘malocclusion.’ Sounds fancy, but it’s just a way of saying the teeth aren’t lining up as they should. For example, the top teeth not touching the bottom teeth when the child bite’s down, or front teeth that poke out slightly. And it’s not just the teeth that can be affected by thumb-sucking. This habit can actually shape the way the child’s jaw and face muscles grow.

Extensive thumb-sucking can also lead to problems with speech and pronunciation. When teeth aren’t where they’re supposed to be, like with an open bite, it can make some sounds tough to achieve, resulting in a lisp or trouble with the “s” and “z” sounds.

Stop The Habit, Save Their Teeth

Helping your little one ditch their thumb-sucking habit should be a gentle and supportive process. It’s all about patience, a bit of cheerleading, and a heap of creativity! Set some thumb-sucking rules, find a comforting alternative for those anxious moments, and make a big deal out of every small win. And if this habit has already begun to leave its mark on their teeth, don’t worry—we offer various orthodontic treatments in Salisbury to help realign their smile when your child comes of age.

Children’s Dentistry in Salisbury

We’re proud to be a family-friendly dental practice! Our clinic is well-equipped to welcome children, and we strive to ensure that each visit is comfortable, informative, and tailored to their needs. The staff at Sarum Dental are experienced in making children feel at ease and always focus on creating a positive environment that encourages kids to develop good dental habits early on!

If you’re looking for the best children’s dentist in Salisbury, book an appointment with the friendly team at Sarum Dental! Phone our reception team on 01722 333324 or by booking online here.