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Have you got a sweet tooth? Who can blame you?! Whether with gummy sweets and fizzy drinks on Halloween, or with toffee apples and hot chocolate on Bonfire Night, this time of the year is full of reasons to celebrate with sweet treats.

With Christmas just around the corner, the team at Sarum Dental Practice are looking to share some insight into the effect of sugar on your oral health. Keep reading to discover our tips to minimise damage to your teeth this festive season and keep your smile cavity-free:

It’s more about frequency than quantity

Though we recommend avoiding sugar, if your sweet tooth demands that you indulge, make sure that you aren’t doing this regularly. The more frequently that you consume sugary foods, the more likely you are to develop cavities.

Use an environmentally-friendly straw

Does your sweet tooth like sugary, fizzy drinks? We recommend drinking through a straw. The benefit of this is that you’re limiting the amount of contact between your teeth and the sugar, therefore lessening the chance of developing cavities and decay.

Sugar-free coffee, anyone?

Do you keep an eye on how much sugar you’re putting in your coffee or tea? If not, you’re probably unaware as to how much sugar you’re actually consuming! Also, sipping on these hot beverages over an extended period of time as we do, causes prolonged sugar exposure. Reduce the risk of developing cavities by cutting down on the amount of sugar you’re putting in your hot drinks.

For a healthy smile, practice good oral hygiene

The team at Sarum Dental Practice believe that, if you are going to give in to your sweet tooth, you can stave off tooth decay by practicing good oral hygiene. Your Salisbury dentist will recommend brushing twice daily, for two minutes at a time, and remembering to floss every day to fight off gum disease and keep on top of your overall oral health!

Attending regular check-ups and having your teeth professionally cleaned by your Salisbury dentist will ensure that built-up plaque and tartar are removed before it becomes detrimental to your oral health.

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