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Are you dreaming of a fresher, whiter smile just in time for the holiday season? Can’t quite remember your last visit to the dental hygienist? Find out about our innovative AirFlow hygiene treatment that removes stubborn stains, harmful plaque and bacterial build-up. Here’s why you should book your AirFlow appointment today!

What is AirFlow Treatment in Salisbury?

AirFlow is not your average teeth cleaning treatment. This advanced procedure uses a powerful jet-stream of air, water and fine bicarbonate powder particles to effectively and gently remove stubborn stains, plaque and debris.

The Power of AirFlow at Sarum Dental in Wiltshire

At Sarum Dental, we champion AirFlow, and here’s why. This cutting-edge treatment isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about improving your smile’s appearance and overall health.

Is AirFlow Worth It?

  • AirFlow can reach up to 5mm into the periodontal pockets beneath the gum line, nipping bacterial growth and plaque in the bud before they become larger issues.
  • It’s a quicker and more efficient process than traditional hygiene methods, saving you valuable time.
  • AirFlow’s bicarbonate jet has a re-mineralising effect, which means it can help reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • This procedure is virtually painless and ideal for those with sensitive teeth and gums.
  • AirFlow is not only an exceptional stain and debris remover but also a superb surface polisher, leaving your teeth with a shiny finish.
  • You can rest easy knowing that AirFlow is a chemical-free treatment.
  • It’s safe to use on prostheses like crowns, bridges and implants, as well as before and during orthodontic treatments.

Sarum Dental is professional and efficient. I have absolute confidence in Neal's professional dental skills and abilities. I always feel relaxed because of this, and also because of the friendly atmosphere which starts at reception and is evident with all of the staff one encounters at the practice including Sally, the hygienist.

Can AirFlow Damage Teeth?

One of the most common questions we hear is whether AirFlow can damage tooth enamel. The answer is a resounding no! AirFlow is an entirely safe treatment that preserves the integrity of your enamel while brightening your smile. It’s gentle, painless and doesn’t aggravate sensitive areas of your mouth. The best part? The whitening effect is immediate, and you’ll leave our practice with a winter-fresh smile.

Don’t let stubborn stains and a dull smile hold you back. Book your AirFlow appointment today by reaching out to our friendly reception team at 01722 333324 or by booking online.