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For some, the thought of wearing fixed metal braces for an extended period can be a daunting thought, which is why people often research their options before committing to such an investment.

The Invisalign clear aligner system is one such alternative to traditional braces, which has soared in popularity over the past few years. Invisalign uses multiple sets of custom-made, clear aligners to gently straighten your teeth and are much less noticeable than fixed braces due to the aligners being made from nearly invisible plastic material. So, if you’re interested in straightening your smile, keep reading to find out exactly what YOU need to know before embarking on your Invisalign journey.

Expect to be given multiple sets of aligners 

Upon starting your Invisalign treatment at Sarum Dental, your Salisbury orthodontist will take 3D digital impressions of your teeth. These scans are used to map out your teeth straightening journey and help to create your 3D printed aligners. You will wear multiple sets of aligners throughout your treatment, which you will usually change every 7-10 days to move your teeth into the desired position.

Your Sarum Dental Orthodontist will bond ‘attachments’ to your teeth

‘Attachments’ are small dots of composite material bonded to specific teeth, which help the aligners attach correctly and create the right amount of pressure to pull your teeth into position. Rest assured, they are discreet, tooth-coloured and hardly noticeable within the mouth. Your attachments will be filed down once your treatment has ended, leaving a smooth, polished surface.

You will wear your aligners for 22 hours a day

Your Sarum Dental Platinum Invisalign Provider will recommend that you wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, leaving a 2-hour window to eat and drink. You will need to be strict and consistent in wearing your aligners to see the desired results.

It is essential only to drink water when wearing your aligners

When wearing your aligners, the only liquid you should drink is clear water. This is because hot drinks, such as coffee and tea, can warp the aligners and even stain the plastic. Therefore, you will need to remember to take your aligners out every time you eat or drink a hot liquid.

You will need to brush your teeth more than usual

It is recommended that you brush your teeth after every meal and before you place your aligners back into your mouth. This is because the aligners will trap debris between your teeth, which can cause a build-up of plaque. The Sarum Dental Orthodontists in Wiltshire will also provide you with Invisalign cleaning crystals so that you can ensure your aligners are as clean as possible throughout your treatment.

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