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If you have a friend or family member obsessed with maintaining a beautiful smile, then this blog will help you find the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts just in time for the big day!

Electric Toothbrushes – a high-tech way to keep teeth sparkling clean

Yes, we mean it! Electric toothbrushes can be the ideal gift for those looking to keep their smile healthy. And if your loved one is only used to a manual brush, then upgrading to an electric model will really impress them!

Modern electric toothbrushes often come with phone apps that help to keep track of your daily dental routine. In addition, some electric toothbrushes are so high-tech that they come with LED screens, various brush vibration modes and pressure sensors to ensure you’re not pressing into your gums too hard.

Need advice on the perfect toothbrush? Then, get in touch with our dental team in Salisbury, and we will fill you in on the best tips and tools to use!

Water Piks – jet-stream powered flossing for the freshest smile

Water Piks are the latest in at-home teeth cleaning technology and are a great gift idea for those who find flossing a boring activity. Watch them marvel at the high-powered, gentle jet-stream that flushes away any debris and bacterial film from in and around their teeth – and especially in hard-to-reach places they never knew they could floss!

Showing teeth before and after whitening

Teeth whitening in Salisbury – book your loved one in for a consultation at Sarum Dental Practice

If your friend or a family member has always wanted a whiter smile, then booking them in for a consultation with the teeth whitening experts at Sarum Dental in Wiltshire is a truly thoughtful gift, which is sure to put a smile on their face.

Our high-strength tooth whitening kits are suitable for most patients, is gentle towards sensitive teeth and promise beautiful and quick results. For a limited time only, we are offering our Boutique teeth whitening in Salisbury treatment for only £350, which includes take-home professional-grade whitening syringes and tailor-made trays! Now is the PERFECT time to claim this offer for your loved ones by booking their initial consultation with our Salisbury dentists and helping them to save on their dream smile.

If you’d like to claim our teeth whitening offer for yourself or your loved ones, book an initial consultation at the Sarum Dental Practice in Wiltshire by phoning reception on 01722 333324 or by booking online here.