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Have you been longing for the perfect smile? Consider getting a Smile Makeover with us at Sarum Dental Practice! Our Salisbury team can help you achieve your dream smile through affordable, professional dentistry and a comprehensive range of cosmetic and orthodontic treatments. Discoloured, chipped and misshapen smiles could be a thing of your past!

Teeth Whitening

Showing teeth before and after whitening

We can help you bring out the natural aesthetics of your smile through a combination of in-practice laser teeth whitening and take-home professional tooth whitening kits. Your teeth will have reached the desired shade within just matter of weeks! And right now, we’re offering our patients a saving of £50 on the ever-popular Boutique tooth whitening treatment – take advantage of this special offer and say goodbye to tooth staining and discolouration!


Patient smiling and looking at dentist whilst they shade match their teeth for bespoke veneers

A Hollywood smile is as achievable as ever with veneers at Sarum Dental Practice. With the ability to cosmetically improve most dental imperfections and the added benefit of maintaining the healthy tooth-structure underneath, thin porcelain layers of tooth-coloured material make up the structure of veneers that are bonded to your natural teeth. Veneers can realign crooked teeth, close existing gaps and even enhance your overall tooth shape! If you’re interested in improving your smile with veneers, we would recommend having your teeth professionally whitened in the first instance so that we can match the shade of your veneers to your brightened teeth.


Six Month Smiles braces fitted to smiling patient

Aside from cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic treatment alone can provide you with the smile makeover you’ve been dreaming of. Not only can orthodontics improve the aesthetics of your teeth but this treatment can also aid in improving your overall oral health, as overcrowded teeth may be harbouring hard-to-reach plaque and harmful bacteria. At Sarum Dental Practice, we offer short-term orthodontic systems that are perfect for gently moving your teeth into the desired position. No need to worry about the appearance of your braces as we prefer to treat our orthodontic cases through Invisalign® custom-made clear retainers that are perfectly designed to match your lifestyle.


The team at Sarum Dental Practice can help you achieve the perfect smile makeover through a combination of affordable and professional cosmetic and orthodontic treatments. If you’re ready to start your smile transformation, we would love for you to get in-touch so that we can discuss your smile goals and any dental concerns you may have.

Begin your smile makeover journey with Sarum Dental Practice. Get in touch today on 01722 333324 or book your consultation here.