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In the past, once a cavity had occurred, your only option was to treat the decayed area with unsightly black or metal fillings. Nowadays, we have the technology and skill to treat cavities whilst also keeping the aesthetic of your natural smile!

At Sarum Dental Practice, we use a modern composite material that matches your natural tooth colouring and seamlessly blends in with the rest of your teeth. But the benefits don’t stop there! Referred to as ‘white fillings’, this treatment can be used as a replacement for traditional amalgam fillings, and owing to it’s strong, versatile and flexible nature,  the same composite material can also be used as an inlay or onlay to restore broken and chipped teeth.

Do I qualify for white fillings?

If your Salisbury dentist discovers that you have a cavity, tooth-coloured fillings will be the treatment of choice to preserve the natural look of your smile. If you’ve decided that you would like your amalgam fillings replaced, your dentist will want to assess your suitability for white fillings, as sometimes it is clinically preferable to only replace amalgam fillings if and when they fail. This is because the process of removing amalgam fillings can release the mercury contained within the metal.

Is this treatment painful? 

Not at all. The caring team at Sarum Dental Practice will make sure your teeth, gums and the surrounding area have been thoroughly numbed with anaesthesia before removing the decayed part of the tooth, cleaning the area, and filling with the composite material.

After treatment, and once the anaesthesia has worn off, if you do feel some slight discomfort, this won’t be long-lasting and painkillers are more than up to the task to make you feel more at ease.

If you need a filling, or are looking to replace your metal ones, contact the Sarum Dental team today and enquire about our natural-looking white filling treatment. Phone 01722 333324 or book online.