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Showing teeth before and after whitening

Tooth-whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic treatments here at Sarum Dental Practice because our patients benefit from a combination of in-practice laser and custom-fit at-home professional whitening kits. For our patients considering teeth whitening treatment, we have put together a list of FAQs’ that our Salisbury dentists most commonly hear:

Will teeth-whitening hurt?

The teeth-whitening treatment itself is a pain-free process, though some patients may feel slight, short-lasting sensitivity afterward. For this, we use products that help to reduce any feeling of sensitivity making the teeth-whitening process one of the gentlest cosmetic procedures you can have.

Will tooth-whitening damage my teeth?

We have heard many horror stories from people who have received illegal tooth-whitening treatment from unqualified ‘high-street cowboys’, who have been left with burns and irreversible damage to their oral health. This is why we stress the importance of having your treatment done professionally by a qualified and skilled dentist.

At Sarum Dental Practice, we use the latest in whitening formulas that work to brighten your teeth quickly without fear of harming the gums or enamel. Our popular, high strength formulas, such as Boutique and Phillips Zoom, work to produce fast whitening results, using a high-water content to keep the teeth hydrated, and are integrated with safe agents to keep sensitivity at bay.

How long does tooth-whitening take and how long will it last?

The length of treatment depends on the type of teeth-whitening you have. This can be anywhere from 2 weeks with at-home whitening to 1 hour in the dentist’s chair.

The bleaching effect of teeth-whitening can last up to 3 years. Some patients will need a top-up if they smoke or drink staining liquids which can affect the colour of your teeth over time.

How much does tooth-whitening cost?

Fees are entirely dependent on which type of teeth-whitening treatment you and your Sarum Dental dentist decide is right for you. You can see a breakdown of our fees on our dedicated pricing page. We are currently running a special offer where you can save £50 on our at-home Boutique whitening kit (including professional-grade whitening syringes and custom-made trays)!

For a radiant, white smile, book your teeth-whitening appointment at Sarum Dental Practice today by phoning 01722 333324 or by booking online.