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Self-conscious about your silver fillings? You’re not alone. In the past, metal, amalgam fillings were the only option in treating cavities and repairing tooth damage. Nowadays, our Salisbury patients are looking to restore their smile with a more popular natural-looking, treatment, in the form of white fillings.

White fillings before and after pictures

White or composite fillings are comprised of a tooth-coloured plastic and glass mixture that are used to restore decayed teeth or for cosmetic improvements, such as replacing old silver fillings or repairing minor damage. This composite material is durable, versatile and can withstand thermal stresses that its amalgam counterpart yields to.

If you’re looking to replace your metal fillings, the team at Sarum Dental Practice are available to assess your suitability for this treatment. The process of removing amalgam fillings can release the mercury contained in the metal, so the procedure must be undertaken with the utmost care and by skilled professionals. You can rest assured that our experienced team will only carry out this treatment if it is safe to do so.

An added benefit of composite fillings is that less drilling of the tooth is required, saving as much of your natural tooth as possible! During treatment, your Salisbury dentist will prepare the tooth and build up the composite material in layers, typically using a specialised light source to harden each layer and bond the material to the tooth enamel. This bonding ensures that the resin will stay firmly and securely in place for a long-term natural-looking solution to damaged teeth.

Transform your shadowed smile and restore your teeth to their full form and function with white fillings at Sarum Dental Practice.

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