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Do you have a tooth infection? Perhaps you’ve been told you need root canal treatment. In that case, keep reading to discover the answers to your most frequently asked questions surrounding endodontics in Salisbury!

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that works to save a dying tooth. Usually, if a patient requires endodontic treatment, they will be suffering from a stubborn dental infection that is probably causing a lot of pain and discomfort in their day-to-day. More worryingly, dental infections or abscesses that aren’t treated can burrow deeper into the jawbone, creating a very discomforting problem requiring extensive treatment.

How does a Root Canal work?

Before dental infection takes hold and kills the natural tooth, an endodontist will thoroughly clean the soft tissue within and beneath the affected tooth and seal the area with a dental crown, ensuring no further bacteria can grow. Essentially, this procedure relieves pain and saves an infected tooth.

What will happen if I don’t have a Root Canal?

If you have a dental infection or abscess that isn’t treated, the infection can grow into an even bigger, more painful issue. Ultimately you will need the affected tooth to be extracted and even require extensive surgery to remove the infection from your bone tissue.

I need Root Canal Treatment – what do I do next?

If you’ve been told you require root canal treatment or suspect you have a nasty dental infection, please get in contact with the Sarum Dental Practice in Salisbury. We have a dedicated team of experts with a special interest in endodontics and a passion for creating healthy smiles. Our special interest dentists will gently examine your mouth and provide you with the best course of treatment to save your tooth, eliminate infection and stop any pain you may be experiencing.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Over the years, root canal treatment has received a bad reputation for being painful and uncomfortable. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! With numbing agents, sedation and a gentle approach, root canals work to relieve you of your painful symptoms almost immediately! You will feel no pain during your treatment and be far more comfortable afterwards whilst your tooth and gums heal.

Do I need to see an endodontic specialist?

Though endodontic or root canal treatment is a tooth-saving and pain-free approach to dental infection, the procedure is complex. This means dentists may wish to refer their patients to a professional with a particular interest in this branch of dentistry. Here at Sarum Dental Practice in Wiltshire, we’re proud to have an in-house dentist with a special interest in endodontics who is currently accepting new patients and referrals from other dental practices specifically for this treatment.

If you suspect you have a bad dental infection, are in pain or have been told you require root canal treatment, let the Sarum Dental team gently bring your smile back to top condition. Book an endodontic consultation today by phoning our friendly reception team on 01722 333324 or by booking online here.