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If you have insecurities surrounding gaps, discolouration or even crooked teeth, the talented cosmetic dentists here at Sarum Dental in Wiltshire have the perfect ‘mini smile makeover’ solution for you in the form of composite bonding treatment!

Composite bonding is a pain-free and minimally invasive treatment that works to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. During this procedure, the Sarum dentist strategically places a composite material to ‘problem’ areas of the teeth, creating the desired shape, size and colour of your dream smile.

Closing Gaps in your Teeth with Composite Bonding 

Composite bonding is one of the most effective and affordable treatments if you’re looking to quickly close a gap between your teeth. By building up the material on either side of the teeth, your Wiltshire dentist can enlarge the shape of the teeth, bringing them closer together and closing the existing gap. As with all composite bonding treatments, our cosmetic dentists ensure a natural-looking and an aesthetically pleasing result that we guarantee will make you smile!

Composite Bonding for Crooked Teeth 

If misaligned or crooked teeth are the source of your smile insecurities, our Salisbury dental team can hide this cosmetic issue using strategically placed composite bonding material. For example, if your front teeth overlap, we can give the appearance of straighter, aligned smile by adding bonding to those specific teeth. 

Composite Edge Bonding in Wiltshire 

Composite edge bonding is an ideal dental treatment for those looking to fix chips and cracks around the edges of the teeth. In addition, those who have recently had Invisalign or finished orthodontic treatment might choose to have composite edge bonding to smooth the edges of the teeth and complete their smile. 

Are you wondering ‘what is the difference between composite bonding and veneer treatment?’ In the table below, we have summarised the differences between these two types of cosmetic treatments.

Composite Bonding Veneers
Non-invasive Requires the removal of a small amount of the tooth’s enamel
Cheaper than porcelain veneers More expensive than composite bonding
Completed in one session Completed over multiple sessions with wait-time included for veneers to be created in the dental lab
Reversible treatment Considered a permanent dental treatment
Covers only part of the tooth with strategic placement Stronger and more durable

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Are you searching for ‘composite bonding near me’? Luckily, the team at Sarum Dental in Salisbury are experts in cosmetic dentistry and are on hand to transform your smile. Book your composite bonding consultation by phoning Reception on 01722 333324 or by booking online here.