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Just as the Grinch harbours a distaste for Christmas, some children may find themselves less than thrilled about their dental visits. That’s why our dental elves have created this festive guide to help turn your little one’s frown upside-down at their visit to our dental practice in Salisbury!

Unwrapping your Child’s Dental Fear

Addressing your child’s anxieties about the dentist begins with open communication. Allow them to express their fears while assuring them that their feelings are valid! When talking about their next check-up, make sure to use positive language, emphasising the importance of good oral health and frame the visit as an opportunity to care for their lovely teeth.

Grinch-Proof Comfort

If you’re child has an appointment at our dental practice and is anxious, we invite you and your family to come in and meet the team! We would love to show you and your child around the practice. We would also encourage your child to bring a comfort item to their appointment to help create a sense of familiarity.

Rewarding Treats, Not Grinchy Tricks

Just as the Grinch learns to appreciate the joy of Christmas, children can discover the joy in their check-ups. Stickers, for example, are a great way to reward your child after a superb dental visit at our dental practice in Salisbury! Positive reinforcement goes a long way to dissolving phobias and making the overall experience one worth having.

Embracing the Dental Spirit!

To help quell any fears in your child about the dentist, introduce the concept of dental care from the very beginning. Begin by cleaning their gums with a soft cloth or an infant toothbrush even before their first tooth makes its grand entrance. This early engagement establishes not just a routine but familiarity, much like the Grinch learning to embrace the Christmas spirit!

From Grinches to Grins

Here at Sarum Dental in Salisbury, we offer a range of children’s dental treatments to support your child’s oral health for the long-term. From fluoride treatment to fillings and orthodontics, we are experts in keeping kid’s smiles healthy!

Don’t let your child’s fears hinder their beautiful, healthy smile. To book a children’s check-up at Sarum Dental, simply phone our friendly reception team on 01722 333324 or book online here.