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No doubt you’ve seen the trend of veneer treatment on your social media feed. Whether on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, there has been a huge wave of popularity in influencers posting the process of their veneer treatment from dental practices abroad. This often involves revealing their ‘pre-veneer smiles’ where their natural teeth have been shaved down to pegs.

But we wanted to let you know how damaging misinformation can be online, especially when it comes to the health of your teeth! So, keep reading to learn the TRUTH about porcelain veneer treatment in Salisbury.

Patient smiling and looking at dentist whilst they shade match their teeth for bespoke veneers

Selling and marketing crowns as veneer treatment spreads misinformation

If you’ve seen the ‘shark teeth’ trend of pre-veneer smiles of dental tourists abroad, then you’ll know how drastic their teeth look – filed down to peg-like shapes. However, this is not how dental professionals prepare teeth for veneers but is, in fact, a full crown coverage preparation – a quicker treatment process for the dentist and dental lab but ultimately more damaging to healthy teeth in the long term. 

Firstly, you don’t need to have your teeth shaved down to pegs to fit veneers!

Removing so much of the natural tooth shortens their lifespan and might be setting you up for more serious dental issues in the future, including sensitivity and damaged nerves.

Here at Sarum Dental Practice in Salisbury, we offer expert porcelain veneers treatment whilst ensuring the wellbeing of your natural teeth and safeguarding your oral health. This procedure involves shaving a very thin layer off the surface of your teeth to ensure that the veneers adhere properly to your natural tooth – but this is a far cry from filing down your teeth to pegs.

We also create your veneers in a dental lab with which our dentists’ work closely to ensure that your new teeth are the perfect shade and shape for your dream smile.

Veneers are a big investment in your smile, so get it done right the first time!

The cosmetic dentists at Sarum Dental Practice are talented experts in placing porcelain veneers in Salisbury and go the extra mile to make sure your smile not only compliments your look but is naturally aesthetic.

Are you looking for porcelain veneer treatment in Salisbury? Book an initial consultation with the dental veneer experts at Sarum Dental Practice by phoning reception on 01722 333324 or by booking online here.