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Are you looking to straighten your smile? Perhaps you’ve been searching for Invisalign in Salisbury. Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to undergo orthodontic treatment without the aesthetic concerns associated with traditional braces. Crafted from smart material, these custom-made aligners are comfortable and designed to fit snugly over your teeth, gently moving them into their desired position over time.

Do DIY Whitening Kits Work?

Teeth discoloration happens due to:

  • Foods and drinks that stain the teeth.
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Poor dental hygiene.
  • Medications.
  • Aging.
  • Genetics.

The main issue with many well-known whitening kits promoted on social media is their inability to properly whiten teeth or offer customised solutions to meet patient’s needs. Shop-bought whitening kits often lack the strength of whitening agents used in professional treatments, making them less effective at penetrating the tooth enamel to break down discoloration.

Boutique Whitening at Sarum Dental, Salisbury

Dentist-prescribed teeth whitening is strong enough to effectively treat deep-seated discoloration. Our dental practice in Salisbury offers Boutique Whitening at-home kits to ensure that each treatment is suited to the patient’s specific needs.

The prescription-strength active ingredient in our professional whitening products penetrates the porous surface of the enamel to reach the discoloured molecules inside the tooth. These whitening agents break the bonds that hold stained molecules together, and effectively disperse the compounds that cause discoloration. This process lightens the teeth by several shades effectively and quickly!

Unlike over-the-counter options that may offer superficial cover-up, professional treatments like Boutique Whitening ensure that the whitening process is both deep and lasting, addressing the root causes of discoloration without damaging the tooth enamel.

Showing teeth before and after whitening

Why Choose Teeth Whitening at Sarum Dental Practice?

  • Each whitening session is tailored to the patient’s oral health and desired shade.
  • Sarum Dental’s Boutique Whitening kits offer a higher strength of whitening concentration, giving better, longer lasting and quicker results than over-the-counter options!
  • Our prescribed whitening minimises the risk of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation thanks to professional-grade ingredients and custom-fitted trays.
  • The expertise of a Sarum Dental professional ensures that treatment is safe and cost-effective.

Another advantage of opting for professional teeth whitening at Sarum Dental Practice is the comprehensive dental assessment that precedes any cosmetic treatment. This preliminary evaluation is essential to address underlying issues, like cavities or gum disease, which can be exacerbated when exposed to whitening products.

Also, the at-home whitening kits our cosmetic experts provide come with custom-fitted trays. Unlike the generic trays or strips included in over-the-counter kits, these custom trays ensure even application of the whitening gel, leading to much better results!

Get the brighter, whiter smile you’ve always dreamed of with teeth whitening treatment at Sarum Dental Practice. Book an initial consultation at our dental practice in Salisbury,  phone our friendly reception team on 01722 333324 or by booking online here.