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The dental professionals at Sarum Dental Practice are transforming smiles throughout Wiltshire with their expertise in cosmetic and restorative treatments. Depending on your treatment goals, our tailored smile makeovers include:

The following case study shows the enhancement of one of our Salisbury dental patients who came to us with a lack of confidence in their smile. This patient had discoloured, chipped and uneven teeth. From their initial consultation, our Principal Dentist, Neal Mehta, decided the best course of treatment would be to use a combination of composite bonding and teeth whitening to restore this patients’ dentition to a healthy and aesthetic condition.

Patient case study


Teeth whitening with Boutique whitening!

The first step on this patient’s smile journey was to whiten their teeth using the Boutique teeth whitening gel. This whitening system is our dentists’ preferred choice as it is safe, quick and kind to sensitive teeth. At the patient’s initial consultation, dental impressions were taken of their teeth so that we could create their custom whitening trays to fit comfortably around their teeth. The patient used their custom-made trays, alongside their take-home professional-grade whitening syringes, to brighten their smile overnight in the comfort of their home.

Composite bonding for an even smile

Subsequently, composite bonding was used to restore the patients’ chipped front tooth. This procedure involved a pain-free process of building and sculpting tooth-coloured resin directly onto the surface of the tooth and moulding it to the desired shape. The composite material is then cured under a light and set into position. This procedure was conducted in a single appointment and, as seen in the before and after photos, expertly matched the texture and shade of the patients’ whitened teeth.

If you’re looking to achieve the perfect smile, book in for a smile makeover consultation with the experts at Sarum Dental Practice. Phone Reception on 01722 333324 or book online here.