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Want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, your smile whiter and your breath fresher? Clinical studies prove that regular treatment by your hygienist in Salisbury will help. That’s why at Sarum Dental we adopt a preventive approach to dentistry, in which your Salisbury dentist and hygienist will work together to ensure you and your family receive comprehensive preventive dental care.

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Ian Jones

Ian Jones

Dental Hygienist


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Ian started his career in dentistry in 1991 as a practice manager in the army before going on to complete his dental hygienist training in 1994. Since then, he has worked in a small number of private practices in and around the New Forest. During this time, Ian has also provided training to other dental professionals in a variety of additional skills and qualifications.

Ian prides himself on being able to put even the most nervous of patients at ease, through a friendly, calm and personal approach to dental care with the ethos ‘there is a person attached to those teeth and gums.'

Outside of dentistry, Ian enjoys flying, antiques and walking with his wife and dog around many of the ancient sites in the area.

Ian, our outstanding dental hygienist is here to help you prevent gum disease and tooth decay to keep your teeth for longer!

Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss in adults and tooth decay is a growing problem for children even as young as four.

Bacteria thrive in the plaque and tartar on your teeth, causing gum irritation and bleeding. If left unresolved this eventually results in the gums becoming infected and causing teeth to become loose.

Regular professional removal of bacteria and plaque by the hygienist is essential in maintaining healthy gums. Our hygienist Christine is very experienced and, as well as cleaning and polishing your teeth, she will also give you advice on your diet and how to maintain a good oral hygiene routine at home.


Why is oral hygiene so important?

Regular visits to the hygienist are vital in order to maintain good dental health and are an important supplement to regular checkups. The hygienist will recommend an appropriate treatment interval after having made an assessment of your condition.

Can my dentist do oral hygiene checks?

Our dentists are fully qualified in all aspects of oral hygiene, but our hygienists have undergone particular training in this area, meaning they focus on ensuring plaque and tartar are removed from both on the teeth themselves and from below the gum line where most damage can be caused.

Can I do anything to prevent oral hygiene problems occurring?

Maintaining a rigorous cleaning programme at home is vital if you want to minimise hygienist appointments. Our hygienist will give you advice and tips not only about how to clean your teeth, but also about diet and general lifestyle.

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